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Selling my $10 Karma Koin 

As the title says I have a Karma Koin card that I have not used. I bought it for GMS but turns out I ended up playing on a private server in the end so. If you are interested in buying it note me, hell I will sell it to you for $9 if you want. ;_; I just do not want it anymore. Besides you can use it for games other than Maplestory (none of which I play so it really is useless).  I might sell it for points but lets see how far I get.

Possible drawing requests?!

The thing I have learned being on DA the last.. what almost 3 years? I am one lazy mofo, that and I never seem to get anywhere with drawings and commissions. But I like to draw every once in a while. So if you want a surprise picture then fill free to link your character down below and I'll take a look at it. I am mainly using this as an opportunity to draw more and experiment with different styles. So chances are none of if you guys will get exactly the same picture. More or less a lot of you guys might just end up with head-shots of characters. ; u ; I am only probably going to pick and choose what I draw so please do not be offended. All these will be traditional because I'm not used to drawing with my tablet and I prefer traditional anyways. 

Some of my recent drawings: ( This is for the lovely BubbIeBunny I still need to finish it, forgive Nat ;-; ) (Sketch of one of KitCatTracy characters )  (Sketched Mary the other day b/c I like Kagerou Project ) 

Thanks for reading I know I have literally not posted a journal in over half a year so yea. If you are wondering about maple requests... I'll do those if you ask. LOL. But I am going back to school next week so I don't want to sign my death or anything. I'M GOING TO BE A FRICKIN' JUNIOR I AM OLD AS HELL. I HAVE BEEN ON THIS SIGHT SINCE 8TH GRADE HOLY BALLS. 
Custom Backround #2 by HeavenlyMemories
Custom Backround #2
It has been almost a year since I've posted something and this is the shit that I put up. DON'T YOU GUYS FUCKING LOVE ME?! But I was working on something and decided to make a backround from it. This is all from scratch and it is definitely a big improvment from the first custom background I made (the first one shouldn't even be considered one) . I tried to add some lighting but it didn't turn out too well. But I hope you guys will put it to use! I'm sorry that it's too big, it's been forever since I've done anything maple related so I don't even remember the typical backround size. Your character probably can't even fit *sobbing* I'm not back though and chances of me being too active are slim. But something a little once in a while to remind you guys I am not dead. How I have gained watchers even though I'm inactive as fuck is beyond me but it's greatly appreciated!

This backround is free to use. I only ask that you credit me heavenlymemories. Please don't put "credit goes to respectful owners" ( do people still do that? ) because I do want to be credited for it since I did spend a good amount of my time making it and I would like to see what you made since DA does this tagging thing now.

Other than that, have fun children with this piece of shit. If you want different versions of it contact me on skype (cloudycows) and I'll give you a different version. If you dont have skype. Note me? ( But chances i'll get back to you in.. a few weeks)

The map pieces belongs to nexon.



{ H A C K - B O X }

Hey asswipe, I'm the first hacker<3 Bwhahaha. I'm going to write a semi long message now. I MISS YOUR GOD DAMN ASS. ; U ; I wanna see you again. But I can't because you're so far away. But I swear to god, if I ever meet you irl again you can bet your ass that I will tackle you. c: I'll just say I love you faggot. <3 Mai albino allpaca ;D
- Jenny

Hello i'm a faggot u3u hackin ur paeg <_>
b ye
- Britt

i .... never threw Roy's laptop through the window.

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